Roxbury Resource Guide

The Roxbury Resource Guide is an on-line website database of resource information about Roxbury, Massachusetts and its history in post form.

Thanks to a grant from the City of Boston Office of Arts and Culture COVID-19 Fund, RCHT will engage writers to complete initial posts to populate the database.

The benefits of the database/resource guide are its substantial content, public availability on the Internet and its potential for continuous growth as sources are located and added.

The posts serve as a resource guide for teachers, educators, students, and historians to locate materials on Roxbury. The community need that inspired this project is the lack of knowledge about the role and record of the town of Roxbury and its citizenry in the history of Boston.

Exhibitions, tourist attractions, and chronological programs about the city often omit information about the neighborhood of Roxbury and its vital part in Boston’s growth and development. This collection shall be an additional information resource.

Roxbury Media Project

The Roxbury Media Project is a compilation and exhibition of photographs, prints, maps, audio, video, film, and digital media documenting the people and neighborhood of Roxbury from 1630 to 2020. Media, oral history, and written documentation will be collected and organized for presentation to present and future generations.

Greater Roxbury Archive

RCHT is organizing the Greater Roxbury Archive, a clearinghouse of organizations and associations that currently possess data and materials pertinent to the history of Roxbury. These relationships provide RCHT with the access and ability to ascertain information needed to develop an authentic timeline of the neighborhood and identify resources, such as books, maps, prints, photographs, and other media necessary to outline, plan, schedule, and produce RCHT projects and activities.

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