In 2004 Tessil Collins of Spectrum Broadcasting and Ken Granderson, founder and CTO of assembled an on-line database framework of source information about Roxbury, Massachusetts and its history.

Thanks to a generous grant from the City of Boston Mayor’s Office of Arts and Culture COVID-19 Fund, RCHT is publishing a series of articles to introduce a resource guide of historic Roxbury, Massachusetts. This fund supports efforts to continue bringing arts programming and projects to Boston during this difficult time of uncertainty.

RCHT hopes the Resource Guide through its inter-connected posts on various Roxbury subjects, visitors will develop a deeper appreciation of this rich town and neighborhood. The guide categories include people, places, events and artifacts within specific eras, areas and demographics replica gmt master ii.

It is the intent of RCHT to direct our visitors to the many cultural institutions that hold the source materials cited in our articles. This guide will hopefully be a starting point for teachers, educators, students, and historians to find more information on Roxbury using our Primary Sources.

The community need that inspired this project is the lack of knowledge about the role and record of the town of Roxbury and its citizenry in the history of Boston.  Exhibitions, tourist attractions, and chronological programs about the city often omit information about the neighborhood of Roxbury and its vital part in Boston’s growth and development.

We expect this project will improve this situation.

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